View and Edit the Details of an Asset in Texada Web

Describes how to access, view, and edit the details of an asset in Texada Web.


How to 


Texada Web Service Manager, Logistics Manager, or Counter


Texada Web, Texada Mobile


Edit the details of an asset when you need to update details of what was originally added to the asset record. For example, your counter worker quickly entered in the minimum required information of an asset when it came in, then later, when your service manager realizes that your assets should all have the barcode information, they can go into the asset profile and add the barcode. 

Note: You cannot edit all fields in an asset record.

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection, valid Texada Web login credentials and access permissions, existing asset

Optional: Mobile device with an Internet connection


To view and edit the details of an asset, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Web menu bar, navigate to Inventory > Assets
    The list of existing assets opens
  2. Click the asset that you need to view the work order history for
    The asset information page opens in the main area
  3. Click Asset Detail View
    The asset details page opens in the main area
  4. Click Edit
    The fields provided in the asset detail pages are editable
    Note: certain fields cannot be edited after an asset is created
  5. Make any needed updates to the asset details
  6. Click Update Asset
    A pop-up opens
  7. Click Yes
    Your updates are saved

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