Manually Process a Debit Card Payment Using Texada Pay in North America

Describes how to process a debit card payment in person using card reader hardware using Texada Pay in North America.


How to


SRM Counter and Bookkeeper


Texada Pay, SRM


Manually process a debit card payment using Texada Pay when a customer needs to pay in person at the counter. Texada Pay enables you to apply the payments to the customer’s debit account and automatically adds the payment information to your SRM payment information, without any need for manual entry.

This process requires that you have set up and enabled your OpenEdge Payments card reader hardware and software.

Note: You can use this process with any part of SRM involving customer payments, except Accounts Receivable Customer Payments (AR03)

Before You Begin


  • OpenEdge Payments credit card reader hardware and software
  • Valid SRM account and access permissions
  • An SRM instance that is set up to work with card reader hardware (see: “Set Up Texada Pay in the U.S.” or “Set Up Texada Pay in Canada”)
  • Valid debit card
  • Texada Pay is set up for debit card payments
  • Existing Type A payment method


To manually process a debit card payment using Texada Pay, do the following:

  1. On the SRM navigation page, navigate to anywhere you can process a debit payment using Texada Pay, such as a contract
  2. Use the Deposit/Payment Method dropdown to select the appropriate Type A payment 
    Note: See “Set Up Payment Methods in Texada Pay” for more information on the different types of payment and how to set them up
  3. Type the amount to be paid using this method in the Amount Of Payment field
    The Texada Pay - Select Card Type pop-up opens
  4. Click Debit Card
    You are prompted to wait for the customer to insert or swipe their card in the card reader

    Once the customer has inserted or swiped their card, entered any information they need to in the card reader, and the card is approved, the prompt pop-up is updated to display a receipt. 

    The payment is processed
  5. Optional: Click Print Receipt to generate a printable PDF copy of the information in the pop-up prompt if your card reader does not natively print receipts
  6. Click OK

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