Add a Credit Card On File for Use with Texada Pay in the U.S.

Describes how to add credit card information on file for use with Texada Pay in the United States.


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SRM Counter and Bookkeeper


SRM, Texada Pay


Add a credit card on file if your customer prefers to pay using Texada Pay via credit card manually or automatically during cycle billing. You can reuse this credit card information to make further payments for this customer in future transactions, saving you the effort of having to re-enter the information each time. 

You can add a credit card on file for use with Texada Pay to either:

  • Customer Payments, or 
  • Payments Received at Counter

depending on what area of the application you have permission to access. 

Texada recommends that you only have one on-file credit card or bank account selected as auto-pay, as the automatic pay functionality will use the first account or card in the list with auto-pay enabled.


  • You can use this credit card with any part of SRM involving customer payments, except Accounts Receivable Customer Payments [AR03]
  • Credit card information is stored in Texada Pay in a PCI compliant manner.  This means that your customers’ credit card information is not shared with anyone other than OpenEdge Payments

Before You Begin

Required: Valid credit card information, valid SRM account and access permissions, Texada Pay is set up for credit card payments, existing Type M payment method


To add a credit card on file for use with Texada Pay, do the following:

  1. Do one of the following:
    1. On the SRM navigation page, navigate to Accounts Receivable > Payments > Customer Payments
      The Customer Payments page opens
    2. On the SRM navigation page, navigate to Counter > Counter Payment
      The Payments Received at Counter page opens
  2. Click Capture Card
    The Capture Card/Check on File pop-up opens
  3. Use the Method dropdown to select Type M method
  4. Use the Customer field to identify the customer this bank account applies to
  5. Click Credit 
  6. Optional: Check Auto Pay if you need to process automatic payments during cycle billing to this credit card
  7. Click Accept
    The Texada Pay - Select Card Type popup opens
  8. Click Credit Card
    The OpenEdge Payments LLC Order Information page opens in a new tab in your web browser
  9. Type the customer’s credit card number in the Card Number field
    Note: You must manually type the credit card number. If you cut and paste the number, the service does not function properly
  10. Use the Expiry Date dropdowns to select the month and year the credit card expires
  11. Type the customer’s CVV number in the CVV field
  12. Click Make Payment
    The Transaction Result page opens
  13. Return to your SRM tab in your web browser
  14. Click Accept
  15. Click Accept
  16. Click Accept
    The credit card is automatically added on file for the customer and can be used with Texada Pay

Next Steps

    Process an On-File Credit Card Payment Using Texada Pay


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