Reset or Change Your Password in the Customer Access Portal

Describes how to reset or change your password in the customer access portal.


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GateWay’s customer access portal


Reset your password if you forget your password or suspect that the security of your password has been compromised.  You have 15 minutes to complete the reset process before having to start over, so it is important that you have access to your email address, and a replacement password in mind before you begin this process.

You can change your password at any time and as often as needed in the customer access portal. Changing your password regularly is one of the ways you can help protect your personal information from piracy. 

Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection, valid GateWay account, valid login credentials and access permissions, access to valid email account, replacement password credential

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Reset Your Password

  1. In your web browser, navigate to your customer access portal login page
    The login page opens
  2. Click Forgot your login?
    The Forgot Password page opens
  3. Type the email address associated with this the customer access portal account in the E-mail field then click Reset Password

    A password reset email is sent to the specified email address
  4. In your email application, open the email, and do one of the following:
    1. Click Reset Password
    2. Paste the URL address into your browser address bar
    The Reset Password page opens
  5. Type your new password in the New Password field
  6. Re-type the new password in the Confirm New Password field
  7. Click Reset Password
    The password is reset
  8. Optional: Click Sign In to return to the login page

Change Your Password

  1. In the customer access portal header bar, use the user menu to select My Account

    The My Account page opens in the main area
  2. Click Change Password
    The Change Password popup opens
  3. Type your current password in the Old Password field
  4. Type your new password in the New Password field
  5. Retype your new password in the Confirm Password field
  6. Click Save
    Your password is changed
  7. Click Save Changes
    Your user profile is updated to reflect the change

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