Change the Due Date of a Product on a Rental Contract in GateWay

Describes how to update the due date of a specific product on a rental contract in the customer access portal.


Change the due date for a product on a rental contract when you need to shorten or lengthen the rental period for that specific piece of equipment without having to contact the rental company directly. This enables you to keep your business running smoothly, without interruptions. 


For example, if you are renting an excavator for a job, and the due date for the equipment is Friday, September 6, but the job is going longer than expected, you can change the due date of the product to Friday, September 13 so you can keep the product a bit longer. The contract will be updated immediately. 



Before You Begin

Required: Internet connection; valid GateWay account; valid login credentials and access permissions; existing open or overdue contract with a minimum of one product



  1. To change the due date for a product on a rental contract, do the following:
  2. In the customer access portal menu bar, do one of the following:
    1. If you need to change the due date for a product on an open contract, navigate to Rentals > Open
    2. If you need to change the due date for a product on an overdue contract, navigate to Rentals > Closed
    The list of contracts opens in the main area
  3. Click the contract containing the product you need to change the due date for
    The details popup for that contract opens
  4. In the list of products, click change due date next to the appropriate product listing
    The Rate Calendar popup opens for that product

    Note: See: “Use the Rate Calendar to View the Rental Rates for an On Rent Product in GateWay” for more information about the rate calendar
  5. Use the time field to select the time for the updated due date
  6. Use the calendar to select the updated due date
  7. Click Change Due Date
    The due date for the product is updated

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