Process an On-File Credit Card Payment Using Texada Pay

Describes how to process an on-file credit card payment using Texada Pay.


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Process an on-file credit card payment through Texada Pay when your customer prefers to pay using their credit card, but are not available in-person. You can either manually pay for each transaction or can set up a credit card to automatically pay during cycle billing. 

Texada recommends that you only have one on-file credit card or bank account selected as auto-pay, as the automatic pay functionality will use the first account or card in the list with auto-pay enabled.


  • You can use this credit card with any part of SRM involving customer payments, except Accounts Receivable Customer Payments [AR03]
  • Credit card information is stored in Texada Pay in a PCI compliant manner.  This means that your customers’ credit card information is not shared with anyone other than OpenEdge Payments, ezidebit, or Smartpay

Before You Begin


  • Valid SRM account and access permissions
  • Valid credit card information
  • Texada Pay is set up for credit card payments
  • Existing Type F payment method


To process an on-file credit card payment using Texada Pay, do the following:

  1. On the SRM Navigation page, navigate to anywhere you can process a debit payment using Texada Pay, such as a contract
  2. Add any relevant information to the form
  3. Use the Deposit/Payment Method dropdown to select Type F
    Note: See “Set Up Payment Methods in Texada Pay” for more information on the different types of payment and how to set them up
  4. Type the amount to be paid using this method in the Amount of Payment field
  5. Click Accept
    The Texada Pay - Select Card Type pop-up opens
  6. Click Credit Card
    The Credit Card/Electronic Payment Search pop-up opens and displays all on-file credit cards and/or bank accounts for the customer 
  7. Double-click the card you need to add
    The information popup opens
  8. Click OK
    The credit card payment is processed

Next Steps

Add a Credit Card On-File for Use with Texada Pay in the U.S.    
Add a Credit Card On-File for Use with Texada Pay in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand    

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