Process an In-Yard Return in Texada Mobile

Describes how to sign off on an in-yard return in Texada Mobile.


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Process an in yard return occur when your customer rents a piece(s) of equipment from you that must be loaded from your yard because it is too large to hand over the counter, but the customer does not need you to transport it for them.  The customer intends to either transport the equipment themselves, or hire a third party to pick up and return the equipment.  

When the customer returns the equipment to your yard, you can use Texada Mobile to check the piece(s) of equipment directly back into the yard.  

At the time of the return, use the app to select the customer, contract, and piece of equipment being returned.  Establish the condition of the equipment by taking photos and adding comments to the equipment’s record, protecting your company in case of any disputes. You are then prompted to collect an email address and digital signature from the customer for the return.

Finally, if the customer is on-account, they are billed automatically.  If they are a cash customer, you must prompt the customer to go to the counter so they can pay for the rental in person.

Before You Begin

Required: Mobile device with internet connection and Texada Mobile installed, valid Texada Mobile account, valid login credentials and access permissions, existing in yard return


To process an in yard return, do the following:

  1. In the Texada Mobile dashboard, tap In-Yard returnsFLMAInYardReturnsProcess1
    The customer search page opens
  2. Type a search term in the Search customer field, such as the customer name or number to search for the customer making the return
    Note: The customer in this case is the company making the return, not the individual in front of you
    A list of customers appears that match your search terms
  3. Tap the customer that is making the return
    The list of contracts and rented equipment for that customer opens
  4. Tap the piece of equipment that is being returned under the correct contract number
    The return details page opens
  5. Tap the quantity field and enter the number of pieces of equipment that are being returned
  6. Optional: To add photos of the equipment, tap Add Photo and then follow the directions in “Add a Photo in Texada Mobile” 
  7. Optional: Set the Damaged toggle to on to mark the equipment as damaged
  8. Optional: Tap Comments to type a message related to the equipment return
  9. If the item is metered, tap the Meter Reading field and input the meter amount for the equipment
  10. Tap Return Item
    The list of contracts and rented equipment for that customer opens
  11. Optional: repeat steps 4-10 for as many pieces of equipment as the customer is returning
  12. Tap Proceed with Return
    The in yard return review page opens
  13. Hand the mobile device to the customer and instruct them to review the in yard return, and when they are done, tap Next
    The signature page opens and displays a list of the pieces of equipment that the customer is returning
  14. Optional: Instruct the customer to use the Send email to dropdown if they need receive a PDF copy of the in yard return confirmation
    Note: The customer can tap None if they do not have an email, or tap Enter Custom Email and type their email address if the email address is not already in the list
  15. Instruct the customer to draw their digital signature in the signature area, and then tap Done
  16. Instruct the customer to hand the mobile device back to you
    The in yard return is processed
    The equipment is removed from the list of contracts and rented equipment
    If the customer is on account, they are automatically billed in 30 days
    If the customer is a cash customer, you must direct them to the counter to pay for the rental